Account-based marketing orchestration 

The practitioner guide to account-based marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) orchestration is about delivering the right content to the right contacts, on the right channel in your target accounts.

Most B2B businesses use the funnel of marketing, where a large number of prospects are attracted at first, and the numbers drop off as the funnel narrows down.  But the account-based marketing strategy is based on an inverted funnel idea, where we only engage with the ideal companies uses your company’s product/services. This way of marketing works based on identifying the target companies first and then personalizing your marketing strategies based on the accounts rather than having a hit or miss approach over a group of accounts. Setting up personas, way before you start your campaign, to make sure the companies are intrigued by your company is the first step in ABM

When transitioning into the account-based marketing, one of the critical things to remember is to approach the target as an account instead of a lead. Your company is not having a blanket approach marketing, the different accounts within the accounts such as different departments within the target company and their influencers should all be taken under consideration and your way of approach to these sectors should be tailor-made to have maximum impact on all on them individually, to make a deal. Understanding the target company through thorough research before the campaign is not fruitful.

Aligning with the sales team

Account-based marketing orchestration takes place through all phases of the buyer’s journey thanks to the coordinated efforts between marketing and sales

After developing custom personas best suited for the target account, the next step is to work together with the sales team. An ABM strategy is largely based on a synergic effort between the marketing and sales teams. ABM produces fewer leads than a demand generation strategy, but more potential final sales account. Unlike conventional demand generation, where marketers optimize for lead volume, ABM works best If the marketing and the sales team come to an agreement that having fewer leads in this strategy will prove to be more fruitful and result yielding than having a higher number of leads. ABM helps the sales team have better conversations, that too with most potential sales accounts and as a result, a higher conversion rate. It’s a more effective and more efficient use of their time

The orchestration of multi-channel ABM can be simplified into 5 steps;

Targeting – Identifying and targeting the best-fit accounts for your product and services through a cumulative effort between the sales and the marketing team.

Expansion – B2B purchase decisions do not involve a single decision-maker, hence your approach should be vast enough to cover all the key people and sectors that are involved in making the purchasing decision.

Engage – As the ABM strategy relies on researching the target accounts first, the channels where they are most active like email, social media, advertising, video, events, direct mail will already be known, making it easier to come up with innovative ideas to engage with them.

Advocate – After or when you are working your plays to a certain account and its influencers, if you create an amazing overall experience for them, they’ll become advocates for your company and help find more best-fit customers.

Measure – Once the sale is done, measuring the success of the campaign is crucial to make sure it was actually worth the resources it took to get the target company with a profitable ROI.

Where we can help;

One of the biggest challenges of account-based marketing is identifying and reaching the right accounts and the right people within the right accounts. Growthfluence aids you to expand your contacts to engage all relevant decision-makers at your target accounts. We help you to zero in on these key influencers and serve them digital ads where it will make the most impact. We help you by;

Finding ideal target accounts – Our team of experts will help you find the best-fit target accounts for your company.

Garnering Wider Reach – With our help and our extensive contacts, we easily reach key decision-makers at target accounts.

Giving Multichannel Capabilities – Deliver your marketing messages across all the common platforms like mobile, social, display, and video channels to engage with the buyer where we can make the most impact.

Providing Shorter Sales Cycle – Our extremely efficient team will accelerate deals from the first contact until closure by engaging with all the important people at your target accounts.

Higher Win Rates – Growthfluence helps to improve the efficiency of an opportunity presented, with the ambition of having efficient prospect-to-opportunity conversion rates. Significantly higher win rates come as a result. 

Easy Implementation – Contact Growthfluence and know how to get things started soon.

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