Account-based marketing plays

The essential guide to Account-based marketing plays.

Account-based is slowly garnering mainstream attention now until most of the B2B marketing was all about generating, nurturing, and qualifying leads.

ABM plays to take a slightly different approach by focusing on a personalized marketing campaign in a synergic manner making use of knowledge and resources from both the sales and the marketing team. ABM plays are goals oriented rather than normal campaigns with a blanket approach. 

After successfully building ideal customer profiles and selecting target accounts; it would be time to conduct the first play.

Forrester predicted that the numbers of organizations with audience-based structures will more than double.A robust 73% of global B2B marketing leaders tell us they have adopted journey maps within the marketing department.

Some of the essential ABM plays for a successful campaign are:

Warm Contacts:

 Warm-up your contacts with tangible send or a gift that doesn’t come off as persuasive. Sending a tactile send and calling the target account to enquire about it will make them pick-up the phone. Studies show that email response rates rise to 7.9% when combined with tangible marketing and our customers are seeing much higher results. 

 After the first call, you can start your account’s digital marketing through pre-targeted ads. Pre-targeting is the opposite of retargeting. In this way you deliver tailor-made ads to your target accounts instead of publishing it to people who have already visited your account, to get the target account to get familiar with you before the sales team makes contact.

When you are preparing a tangible send it is impeccable to stand out and be memorable. If the send is something like a remote-controlled car or Lego blocks or anything that fun and has to be played with will be memorable, as well as it will make your contacts appreciate the break your gift provided. The gifts can even be personalized if need be. It is not necessary to high-end pricey gifts. Send low-cost, but highly polished, memorable, tangible marketing to keep yourself at the top of their minds.

“Every time a package ends up on my desk at work, I think: ‘oooh! What is it? It’s a very different reaction getting to a letter on my desk.” – JT Bricker Director of Communications Charter Spectrum

This is also a good way to establish contact with your potential targets that have gone silent.

Landing Accounts

           While all the companies plan on eventually landing a huge account, smaller accounts can be a really good way to establish contact, credibility, and to build a name if you are just starting. In this play, you will tailor your tactics and marketing to provide solutions for a group of smaller similar companies with similar jargons.

ABM excels at landing large, complex accounts. The bigger an account gets, the complex its buying strategies get. Landing a bigger account requires a different style o approach than smaller sized accounts. The marketing strategies should be impeccably personalized with high-value accounts. Organizations with a strong Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) achieve a 68% higher account win rates. The custom content that is created or these huge accounts should be able to reverberate within specific groups and decision-makers in the account.

 Different members from the same account should not receive the same piece of communication, the communication should help them help you, so break your personas into influencers and decision-makers

Influencers and Decision-makers

For Influencers, digital marketing and tangible marketing can be used to grab their attention. Your approach should be good enough for them to recommend you to the decision-makers. Reach out with digital messages. Skip the phone calls unless it makes sense. Once your influencer groups begin to convert to champions, send decision-makers high-end tangible marketing, personalized emails, and memorable digital ads. 

Decision Maker Plays require that stay on their radar, but not to persuade them with aggressive marketing until influencers being to favor you. The chances of making a breakthrough are high the decision-maker hears about you from a trusted source first. Plan your tangible sends in a manner that hen an influencer introduces you to them, they should be able to remember your brand.

 The goal is to work on influencers and turn them into champions and after that, they will do your sale to the decision-makers for you. 

This will take up and it is not advisable to get into extreme personalization for smaller accounts or for accounts that you are not sure about. Account-based spend is expected to increase by 41% as companies are seeing positive results from account-based efforts overall. Accounts that could mean high value, coveted access, a great partnership, or massive exposure for your brand are more favored.

Post-sale plays:

There are things to be done after the sale is done like making sure that large accounts your solution to its fullest potential, and making sure your product is used as much as possible.

Highlighting the success with your product and showcasing how your champion is impacting the business positively with your product, and making use of your champions to find other potential accounts and influencers and making use of the existing champions to find other influencers who could use the service your company provides.

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