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The 2020 technology buyer journey framework by Growthfluence

The 2020 technology buyer journey framework

B2B technology organization marketing teams must focus on the people and moments that matter so that marketing spend is invested in the right direction. According to Gartner’s study1, only 17% of B2B buye...


How To Build A B2B Thought Leadership Strategy

If you own a B2B company, your most sought goal will be having a command in your industry. This goal of reaching that “authority status” becomes a reality only with careful planning and execution. Since the pat...

What is Account-Based Marketing

What is Account-Based Marketing?

At the beginning of the 2000s, marketers were obsessed with attracting enough as many clients as they can in the hope of keeping a few of them. Marketers were so focused on this philosophy that they made blo...