The B2B Sales Copywriting Checklist for High Conversions – Part 1

The B2B Sales Copywriting Checklist for High Conversions by Growthfluence

You have written a great sales copy and make your idea a reality! Awesome and Kudos, because most of them still ideate.To celebrate better, this copy needs to meet its objective. My intention here is to help you gain high conversions from your copy as B2B business owner or marketer. This B2B Copywriting Checklist will help you check your copy in a glance and know what areas to optimize for better results.

Your clients are unique and are looking for solutions every day, it could be an intended search on google or something that catches their attention in the email you send. But there are 3 elements that you need to bear in mind while you are writing and optimizing:

  1. Unique Target Segments: Each of your target segments are unique with their needs, fears, frustrations, pain points and aspirations, a generic copy does no good, articulating their point of view clearly and with conviction is sure to get you going a long way.
  2. Unique Value Proposition: Once you have articulated you need to be able to help them listen deeply to your unique offer amidst the sea of noises that are calling out with appealing offers
  3. Unique Business Model: Your copy needs to be connected to your customer acquisition approach, your competitors might have a different business model and copying them or best practices of your industry might spread your efforts thin repeats small benefits.

At Growthfluence, we believe in our proprietary Contextual Conversion Process, well in simple terms it’s about ensuring that the above elements are considered for the context and the solution is based on that. Let’s say for example you are a company in Singapore selling AntiVirus software to small and medium businesses, and the customer segment you are particularly targetting is software product development companies with 50 – 100 employees locally with around 80 PCs and laptops that use Windows OS, there is a specific context and your business model is ‘flexibility – lower fixed costs’ against most of your competitors who sell on the basis of ‘vanity/reputation – selling business or pro version instead of personal version of the same software’. Your value proposition is giving your clients lower fixed costs, which is what product companies usually have a challenge with, they resize depending on the projects they have at hand and the number of licenses is directly proportional to the active employees on their payroll. Your copy needs to then take the shape and form that can articulate this reality better and stronger.

Let’s plunge into The B2B Sales Copywriting Checklist:

There are 9 elements that make the copy glorious, we will look at each of them in detail as well:

  1. Powerful and Magnetic Headline
  2. Clear Articulation of the Pain point
  3. High Conviction Solution
  4. Proof of Community Conviction
  5. Compelling Call to Action
  6. Risk-Free/Low-Risk Offer
  7. Value-driven Pricing
  8. Potential Questions
  9. Subtle Competitor Comparison


Let’s make this actionable and application friendly:


1.  Powerful and Magnetic Headline:

According to Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 read the headline copy and only 2 out of 10 read the copy. Our objective is to ensure we have more reading the copy

Here’s a powerful formula you can use for your B2B business:

Powerful and Magnetic Headline = Authentic Result driven offer + Realistic Deadline/Proof + Strong Pain killer


Example: Sheild your work with flexible licenses that are trusted by over 2000+ product development companies

Quick note:

You don’t have to force yourself to use all the elements of the formula but having two of them is what makes it powerful and magnetic.

Here’s a great example:


Powerful and Magnetic Headline (Pluralsight) example by Growthfluence
Source: Pluralsight


Why does this work?

The following elements work in its favor

  1. Clarity: Its simple, straightforward and authentic
  2. Usefulness: It focuses on the problem and solution
  3. Compelling: It resonates with the pain point
  4. Unique: It positions you right immediately

Important Tips:

  1. The purpose of the headline is not conversion but to further read the copy
  2. Never fake, be genuine, you are making a promise and promises are meant to be kept
  3. A good headline should get the right attention making your clients stop by
  4. It’s never about you, it’s about your clients
  5. Write for a specific demographic and a specific decision maker not for industries or businesses


2. Clear Articulation of the Pain point:

Your customers are most often annoyed, frustrated, angered and afraid, articulating them in their language creates the right sense of empathy and they instantly feel connected.

Pain points come in all sizes and forms but if you have to categorize them in the B2B world they usually are attributed to:

  1. Money – Value, payments, costs, pricing structure, inflation etc
  2. Growth – Productivity, performance, efficiency, annual results, bottom line
  3. Process – Ease, sales, internal buy-in, usage, aligned to goals
  4. Service – Support, returns, timely help, expertise

Here’s a quick formula:

Clear articulation of the pain point = pain point in customers language by conducting qualitative customer research

Example: It’s a common belief that Antivirus software companies are hand-in-glove with the software developers to introduce bugs and malicious software, and that’s why we have introduced trust updates, trust updates gives you detailed know-how and behind the scenes of our major updates, what’s causing them and why.

Here’s a quick example

Clear Articulation of the Pain point by Growthfluence
Source: Demodesk


Why does this work?

  1. It generates instant empathy
  2. Creates the openness to listen to your solution

Quick Tips:

  1. Clarity precedes choice
  2. Painkillers (Must have) are any day  better than vitamins (good to have)


3. High Conviction Solution:

Once you have articulated the problem well, then its easy to present your solution, usually people present solutions that appeal to aspiration, what you need to sell is a conviction. A solution that is hard to say no to, a solution once consumed that would create a longing.

Here’s a quick formula to present a high conviction solution:

High conviction solution = Specific Tasks – Frustration + Features – Benefits that strengthen it

Example: SecureSaaSp protects your PCs from most sophisticated cyber attacks that can permanently erase data, here’s why 2000+ SaaS companies trust us:

  1. Future proof protection: Machine learning algorithms act fast to neutralize threats that can steal information
  2. Flexible scaling and management: Add and delete users on demand, you pay what you use
  3. Next Generation Data Protection: FIPS 140.2 certified full disk encryption that ensures zero penetration and safe data


Here’s a quick example:


High Conviction Solution by Growthfluene


Why does it work?

  1. It helps your customers get a quick 1-minute snapshot of your solution
  2. Clarity builds trust and trust translates into your clients clicking on the call to action
  3. It qualifies your clients

Quick Tips:

  1. Plan surveys, mail it to your customers, have few questions but keep it open-ended and carefully observe the language they use
  2. Stay focussed on benefits and work your way when it comes to features
  3. Conduct an autocomplete on Google search, you will be surprised at the search intent of your users


4. Proof of Community Conviction

This is the most powerful trust boosters, your clients want to know if this has worked before and has it produced results with other brands?

Some of the powerful proof of community conviction are:

  1. Other client logos
  2. Testimonials
  3. Case studies
  4. Video interviews


Here’s a quick formula:

Testimonials = Specific result with numbers + Emotions + Persons name + Organization

Client Logos = Real, authentic client logos all colored similar (Black/White/Grayscale)

Case Studies = Context + Need + Your Solution + Tangible Results + Testimonials

Example: We had a problem in installing previous antivirus program making it difficult to install SecureSaasP. I was given quick and courteous assistance. Customer support at SecureSaasP definitely helped us.

Here’s a great example:


Proof of Community Conviction (Apple) by Growthfluene


Why does this work?

  1. It establishes your authority
  2. It makes your brand more human
  3. It lends the trust that the other client brands have
  4. It greatly decreases the risk aversion

Quick Tips:

  1. Get genuine testimonials that clearly exhibit the benefit in form of results
  2. Ensure the testimonials are spread evenly on your website
  3. Position powerful brands first


Checking and optimizing your copy is sure to help improve conversions. In our next post, we will focus on the other checklist elements. We would love to hear your own optimization techniques here.

(Image credit – Rawpixel)

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