Account-based marketing plays-01

Account-based marketing plays

The essential guide to Account-based marketing plays. Account-based is slowly garnering mainstream attention now until most of the B2B marketing was all about generating, nurturing, and qualifying leads. ABM pl...

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Account-based marketing orchestration 

The practitioner guide to account-based marketing Account-based marketing (ABM) orchestration is about delivering the right content to the right contacts, on the right channel in your target accounts. Most B2B ...

4 Aspects to consider for Account Based Marketing-01

4 Aspects to consider for Account Based Marketing Success

When you hear the term account-based marketing, what is the first thing that pops in your head?  For me, its align, engage, and measure. It almost seems like a mantra to work with. Account-based marketing is in...

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3 Account-Based Business Models That Produce Results For SAAS Companies

For centuries the great ancient Egyptians created beautiful pieces of art and architecture which was dominated by the themes of their religious beliefs, gods and goddesses. They were the most religious civiliza...

ABM strategy; B2B Customer Data Platforms

How to use Robust B2B Customer Data Platform for ABM

B2B technology marketing is data-driven marketing, the reliance for running ABM campaigns at scale is a close-knit relationship with customer data platform. Data is the fuel for the ABM engine, but according to...

2020 technology buyer journey framework

The 2020 technology buyer journey framework

B2B technology organization marketing teams must focus on the people and moments that matter so that marketing spend is invested in the right direction. According to Gartner’s study1, only 17% of B2B buye...

Account Based Marketing ROI Growthfluence

How To Determine The ROI Of Your Account-based Marketing

B2B companies own the contemporary market landscape. Also, why shouldn’t it? To answer this, you should dig deep and try to understand each unit that makes a B2B company. On thorough analysis, you will understa...

Thought Leadership Strategy Growthfluence

How To Build A B2B Thought Leadership Strategy

If you own a B2B company, your most sought goal will be having a command in your industry. This goal of reaching that “authority status” becomes a reality only with careful planning and execution. Since the pat...

Consulting Sprint Growthfluence

Conversion Rate Optimization Metrics For Technology Companies

Almost every industry now has a new rage – Conversion Rate Optimization. It has been the topic of many discussions in the business world, and rightfully so because let’s face it, bringing customers ...