How To Follow Up With The Prospects After An Event?

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The event is over. After weeks of hard work and planning, you have finally organized it. You successfully managed it. Good job! But the ‘job’ isn’t done yet. One of the most crucial parts, the follow-up, is, however, to be done to prevent your prospects from disappearing.

It is also the most fun part. Yes, you read it correctly. FUN part. Because you’ll get to create a buzz about your event, for which you had worked so hard. You’ll get appreciated, and you’ll learn from the responses of your prospects. 

But make sure you plan this follow up process before the conclusion of the event. Make the strategy beforehand so that you can jump straight into its execution after the completion of the event. 

Here is an easy and useful guide which will help you in following up with your prospects after an event –

Timing – 

Timing is everything!

Make sure the follow-ups are sent regularly and frequently. This will keep the event alive in the memory of your clients and prospects. Also, ensure that you send the first follow up within 48 hours of the event. Hit the sweet spot between too early and too late. If it is a long event, for example, say a three-day-long event, then send follow-ups every day after a few hours of the conclusion of that day’s event. 

(Make sure you have a constant mark on the prospect’s mind. But don’t overdo it.)

Teamwork closes many deals:

Form a well-structured system of teamwork. Ensure that the sales and marketing work together to warm-up the leads. 

The sales and marketing teams must keep these points in mind:-

  1. Relevant and valuable information is sent to each prospect at regular intervals ( frequently and relentlessly ).
  2. Make sure that follow-ups are correctly scheduled and properly executed. You can use some system like Pipedrive for this. 
  3. The material for follow-up, i.e., useful and interesting information, should be prepared beforehand. A follow-up without any actual content is disappointing for the prospects. Don’t nag.

Hot, warm, and cold leads: How to approach them:

Every salesperson loves a hot lead, i.e., who buys immediately. Because it requires minimal efforts. But such people are very few in numbers. 

Real sales happen when you convince warm and cool leads. 

These tips will help you in doing so:-

  1. Be patient and follow up consistently for a long period of time. It will be eventually rewarded. 
  2. Ensure that prospects don’t get spam or duplicate emails. You can do this by using systems like Pipedrive. 
  3. Also, note that customers buy when they are ready to buy, so wait for them. 

Ways to approach prospects, post-event- 

a) Through E-mail! 

E-mails have been widely and most commonly used for sending follow-ups. They are the conventional means of sending follow-ups. 

Now the question is, how can you make your e-mail leave a mark on the prospect’s mind? 

Thank you! 

Send a thank-you mail right after the conclusion of the event/meeting. You are letting your prospects know how glad you were by their presence in the respective event. You can also invite them to the next event/meeting. 

We missed you! 

Send this e-mail to the people who were supposed to be there but couldn’t be a part of it for whatever reason. Let them know that they were missed and attach a few pictures of the events/meeting along with the mail to ensure they understand what a fantastic event it was, and to make them eager to attend the next event organized by you or your company. 

Personalize your e-mail 

You can make the prospect feel special and included by personalizing your e-mails. Mention some details about them; their name or their company’s name. Adding a personal touch will make your email stand out from the rest of the regular bulk of emails and will thus enhance your chance of getting another offer from them.

Now let us discuss some use cases:-

1. After the first/initial meeting/event –

You met the prospect. The meeting/event went well. You were confident that you’d get the deal. Alas! It has been a week, and you haven’t heard anything from them yet.

Here, the ‘gentle reminder’ walks in. Send an e-mail asking them how would they like to take it further. 

2. Hitting the sweet spot –

You must be using some tracking or analytics on your e-mail, right? No!? Then get one. 

Now, when you see your client clicking on some link in the e-mail you sent, HIT THE SWEET SPOT! Send another mail asking if they are interested in that particular thing or if they want to know more about it. This will keep the conversation going and will make follow-up easier.

3. Unanswered mails –

Following an unanswered email is tricky, but you can easily learn how to manage it. Send an e-mail asking questions like; is there anything you want to know about our company. Or let them know about any new offers (if there). Or provide them with a free trial or voucher. Or simply let them know you are hoping for a response from their side. 

b) By creating a post-event page 

What can be better than an Instagram or Facebook page, soaked in the pictures and video clips of a successful event, letting you relive it once more! 

In today’s world, where every other person is always logged into their social media accounts, there’s no better way of engaging them in your post-event follow up, than creating a post-event page of your event. 

This is the easiest and most apt follow-up method for engaging modern-day prospects after an event.

You can add the following to your page:- 

  • Pictures and small video clips of the event.
  • A collage of the tweets regarding that event.
  • Facts or data about the event.

Tips for better follow-ups –

a) A/B tests – 

You can use the A/B test for finding out what is working best for your follow up. You can have the A/B tests on the following:- 

Graphics: The look of e-mail matters. Check whether your prospect likes simple e-mails or the one with graphics. Find out what appeals to them most visually. 

 Sender Name: Check whether you get a better response rate when you use your company’s name for the sender’s name or when you use the name of an employee. Etc. 

b) The long term lead – 

This is one of the most important parts of following up with prospects after an event as it ensures long term benefits. Nurturing your prospects for a long time can be tiring, but it is rewarding as well. It helps in building up trust. Hence, it increases your chances of getting another offer from them. 

Tips for the long term lead – 

  • Target the right people. 
  • Make it automated. 
  • Ensure that you are not doubling the outreach. 

What are the other ways of reaching your prospects after an event? 

  • Send them small gifts as a thanking gesture. Online gifting sites have made it easier than ever — for example, a framed picture of the event, etc. Or you can also provide them free Ola or Uber rides.
  • Send them some compelling offers related to their interests or related to the event/meeting via e-mail. 
  • Ask them about the things they liked and disliked about the event, on-call. This will also help you in improvising the next event you organize. 

Mistakes to avoid while following up with prospects- 

  1. Don’t be impatient: Let the prospects take their time. You might have to play the long game of follow up, but it’ll be rewarding. 
  2. Don’t underestimate alignment: Make sure that there isn’t any hindrance in the alignment of sales and marketing. 
  3. Don’t hesitate to make a final attempt: Rather than being disheartened after not getting a response, try for one last time. Ask them if you should close their file or fix a time for one last attempt to talk. 
  4. Don’t be messy: As advised earlier, try and make a proper post-event follow up strategy beforehand. Organize and find the best ways of targeting the right people.
  5. Avoid spamming: Spams are a big turn off. Inbox fatigue may drive away your prospects. So, make sure that your sales and marketing teams aren’t doubling the efforts.

How to optimize your follow-up emails to boost response rates?

Improve the subject lines: Make the subject lines personal by adding the name of the person or his company. Also, avoid asking questions in the subject line. 

Short and crisp e-mails: Keep the content short and crisp because lengthy paragraphs may bore the prospect, and he/she might not even read it thoroughly, thus leading to unclear reply or no response at all. 

Create FOMO (fear of missing out): Make your e-mail sound intriguing and exclusive. 

Improve the format: Try and improve the format of your e-mail. There should be personalization, but it shouldn’t be very unprofessional. Also, add your professional signature. 

Keep the language simple: Don’t make your prospect scratch their heads. Keep it easy and to the point.

Key takeaways! 

  • Follow-up with your prospects in a regular and timely manner. 
  • Send them relevant and valuable information via e-mails. ( Read the “through E-mail” section of this article for details).
  • Create compelling offers for them or invite them to the next event or party. 
  • Mistakes to avoid while following up with prospects
  • How to optimize your follow-up emails to boost response rates?