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The way enterprise technology companies need to approach marketing themselves is evolving and it is imperative to adapt strategies that will produce real results.


In the face of increased competition for attention on digital channels, technology companies in the B2B sector can struggle to reach the right decision makers on the right channels to increase their sales funnel. The ability to connect with these decision makers about an important issue, goal or challenge to their business can have a dramatic impact on the success of most any enterprise technology organization.


So what’s a technology company to do? To maximize their investment in marketing initiatives, organizations should look for strategies and tools that have the most potential to engage decision makers by proving that they understand what challenges their target industry faces. This is achieved by moving away from the traditional marketing methodologies and looking at new more innovative methods like Account Based Marketing and positioning themselves through analyst relations as thought leaders having unique solutions that can provide substantial ROI.

Our Research shows the

Challenges that marketing and sales teams in the technology domain face are:

  • Generating-Accounts

    Generating accounts and revenue

  • ROI-from-Accounts

    Measuring ROI for marketing activities

  • Martch-Stack-Implementation

    Implementing the right Martech stack

  • Creating-content-at-scale

    Producing Content at scale

  • Content-Personlization-at-scale

    Content personalization at scale

  • Marketshare

    Combating the brutal competition

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How we help Technology Organizations


We help organizations like yours discover the best-fit accounts and provide personalized strategy playbooks for these accounts that are data-driven and content-mapped. These playbooks include identifying the best-fit martech stack, implement account-based marketing at scale, funnel optimization, conversion rate optimization and thought leadership positioning


We help organizations like yours adapt account-based marketing, that unifies the vision of the marketing and sales teams – generating revenue and accounts and provide specific in the moment consulting for the accounts ranging from identifying the best martech stack to personalized content marketing to conversion rate optimization.


We help organizations like yours get the best of the marketing opportunities when it comes to Content production and distribution at scale, Online PR, Partnership (analysts and software) marketing, Events (sponsored) engagement and generating customer reviews. Our analysts and consultants research and help you win better at every touchpoint both at first mile and last mile as well.


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Our IT expertise

For IT services firms, the road to growth starts with getting the right attention of IT decision makers and executives — people who don’t have time for generic messaging or subpar content. Savvy brands and marketers understand that IT is no longer a cost center. To capture market share, IT services firms need to establish thought leadership and show how they can transform enterprise IT into a revenue driver that contributes to topline business improvement.

At Growthfluence we know what your IT services firm is up against. But more importantly, we understand the challenges today’s IT decision-makers face — and we’re experts at running ABM campaigns at scale, creating and amplifying content and build great analyst relationships that resonate with the people who matter to your business.


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