A mid-sized saas martech company that was being evaluated by 3 large enterprises wins all the 3 new enterprise accounts in 112 days.

At a Glance


New accounts won

The Situation

When a mid-sized SaaS company learned that their product line was being evaluated by 3 large enterprises, they had a high moment. They were thrilled at the opportunity to build relationships with big logos, and being an entrant was the key challenge. They were also aware of the noisy nature of their market sector. Having been evaluated twice in the by large corporations, the SaaS company and team knew they needed to send strong brand signals that they were a right-fit for those accounts.

This is what their VP of Marketing had to say when they had their first exploratory conversation with us: “Our biggest challenge was to communicate our value proposition and capture mindshare with a smart, compelling brand and message.”

Our Approach

To better understand the accounts and range of possibilities, The martech saas company and Growthfluence began the journey together with qualitative and quantitative primary research into these enterprise accounts. Then, key stakeholders came together for a two-day workshop to collaboratively
develop a ABM strategy grounded in prime insights. Within weeks, the content for ABM began to be created at scale – checklists, swipe files, videos, ebooks, case studies, whitepapers and webinars. A fresh and relevant key messaging helped define the campaigns.

We helped the martech saas company identify and build a rock-solid ABM martech stack. We ran the personalized pilot ads and automation drawing insights at every milestone. By the first month we had clear insights. We knitted the campaigns with touchpoints and launchpads – private technology
organizers and a analyst firm and we saw great success with the first account in straight 42 days.

This is what the VP of Marketing had to say – “I have heard of ABM campaigns all the time in our industry, but the focus and accuracy of campaigns run by Growthfluence, in the timeframe given, was outstanding.