A fintech SaaS company needed to improve its authority index. Its significant clients were PSU and banks. We ran a series of thought leadership sprints with critical stakeholders to discover core insights. We recommended best practices that helped the company identify the thought leaders in the organization who were great solution architects. We ran a thought leadership program for six months resulting in assisting them in establishing as active players.

At a Glance


Decrease in sales cycle time

The Situation

A fintech company needed to establish itself as an active player in the crowded market, and they were snowballing with a new product at hand.

Our Approach

We ran a series of audits, brand, and thought-leadership workshops to identify the unique core insight of the organization and how it mapped across the niche and their target customers. We realized that four critical markers differentiated them with others in terms of the ‘thinking and approach’ in the fintech space. We then narrowed down to identify the senior executives who were the ‘original thinkers,’ ‘anchors’ and ‘amplifiers’ of these four markers.

We identified eight executives and ran a six months aggressive thought leadership program helping them further express and amplify via varied methods, styles, and mediums. As their space involved a lot of 1:1 consultative sale, it helped each of them have the edge.


By achieving best-demonstrated practices with the eight executives, the fintech company had a lot of traction decreasing their average overall sales cycle by 2.5 times.