The rapid organizational growth and raising funds created a significant need to hire at scale. While the organization had a lot of hiring vendors, and there was a good number of applicants, their interview to hire conversion was low.

At a Glance


Increase in interview to hire conversion

The Situation

An AI global startup had a historical raise of capital and rapidly expanding to newer markets.

The AI startup’s CEO was determined to develop a global workforce with a significant number of hires in India, contributing to its primary engineering team. However, as the company had a sporadic brand presence, the hires at top business schools and technology institutions were becoming a big challenge.

Our Approach

They hired Growthfluence to bolster their employer branding. We helped them develop an employer brand strategy by discovering their employee value proposition and, after that, building a culture map that was truly reflective of the founders and the team. We also had briefing sessions with the founders to gain a clear grasp of what the company does. This helped us create simple and clear messaging for the millennial audience.

We ran various campaigns on LinkedIn targeting potential hires with clear messaging on how this organization was changing the world with its technology and how they can be part of this great story. This helped them attract quality hires.


The AI global startup was able to hire 43 new team members in two months improving their interview to hire conversions by 6x times