Faced with maturing and increasingly competitive markets, an enterprise software company wanted to grow its share of high-value customers in a new niche. Growthfluence worked with the company’s marketing team to identify and engage with a best-fit analyst firm.

At a Glance


Increase in authority index


Citations in global reports

The Situation

A growing enterprise software company with a mature product portfolio was expanding into a new product line. The company believed that revamping its brand positioning could help them from a niche entry perspective. Growthfluence was hired to help the company grow its share of high-value customers in the region through the ABM strategy. We recommended a new analyst firm be added to the existing portfolio of analyst firms to map the niche they were targeting.

Our Approach

After working across the organization to understand the critical success stories in the early adopter phase, Growthfluence helped develop different variables to identify a best-fit analyst firm.  We narrowed down to 2 firms which best aligned to the niche and positioning.

We invited these firms to present a case on how they can help us. We factored in the number of analysts, the region they were based, the number of reports across the spectrum niche that was published — the process of due diligence, and how to apply to be part of these surveys. We helped them choose the firm and, after that, engaged in analyst calls and briefings to help them effectively be positioned both online and in-person.


The enterprise software company got 2 citations and had a tangible increase in authority index in a survey conducted by a third-party vendor resulting in qualitative sales conversations and considerable decrease in sales cycle time.