A mature SaaS company wanted to offset some of its martech stack by replacing it with a ABM Martech that was being internally customized, but it faced several organizational and technical obstacles, as well as a history of not being able to have a centric-vision for building a martech stack. Working with Growthfluence consultants and Growthfluence’s advanced ABM team, the company put new processes and tools in place to help it meet its ambitious marketing and revenue goals. The result: a 12% gain in first two quarters.

At a Glance


Better efficiency with the new tools


Gain in revenue

The Situation

The SaaS client was ready to get on the high-growth sales route adopting ABM as its central marketing and sales strategy, but needed a new martech stack that could help them be efficient and agile. The SaaS company had recently raised a series 3 funding from a large fund, having a good track record of sales with SMBs over the past year. The company asked Growthfluence to develop a martech stack for its ABM adoption that would help them win enterprise accounts as well.

Our Approach

Since the Saas Company has global presence, it needed a global martech stack strategy. Growthfluence assessed each market separately for affinity, strategic position and fit with a new strategy.

Based on this analysis, Growthfluene recommended that SaaS company take action appropriate for each market—including getting out of non-fit stack.


The SaaS company implemented the new strategy based on Growthfluence’s suggestion to break the company into independent regions. The resulting overall performance improvement has been impressive.