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Creating an effective, SaaS Marketing Strategy can be challenging.

Companies are moving slightly away from the methods more traditionally used to achieve steady business growth, SaaS brands are innovating a disruptive new business model — and they need unique marketing strategies to realise their potential fully.

Fortunately, plenty of successful SaaS companies have already developed methods for reaching and successfully converting customers.

Many SaaS products technically fall under the B2B umbrella, and their sales cycle follows a distinct, three-step process:

Acquisition: Gaining the confidence and trust of new users.

Monetisation: Converting those users into paying customers.

Retention: Convincing those paying customers to stick around and become regulars!

For most SaaS companies, revenue is not the prime focus of its marketers! Our recommendation is to have a hybrid yet scaled account-based marketing approach. Using smart ABM techniques allows you to create intelligent campaigns, tailored perfectly to appeal to each specific account. Delivering these to the target market using an ideal Martech stacks tailored for your company’s need so that an omnichannel approach. These techniques help in mitigating the troubles that a SaaS organisation like yours might face. This can be supported by building successful analyst relations with industry leading analysts who would complement your B2B Marketing strategies

Our Research shows the

Challenges that marketing and sales teams in the technology domain face are:

  • Generating-Accounts

    Generating enterprise accounts and revenue

  • Decreasing-costs-to-acquire-customers

    Decreasing costs to acquire customers

  • Increase-lifetime-value

    Maximising lifetime value

  • Creating-content-at-scale

    Producing Content at scale

  • Content-Personlization-at-scale

    Content personalization at scale

  • Marketshare

    Combating the brutal competition

Our offerings

How we help Technology Organizations


We help organizations like yours discover the best-fit accounts and provide personalized strategy playbooks for these accounts that are data-driven and content-mapped. These playbooks include identifying the best-fit martech stack, implement account-based marketing at scale, funnel optimization, conversion rate optimization and thought leadership positioning


We assist with the adaptation of account-based marketing to your specific
needs, in a way that unifies the vision of the marketing and sales teams. Our goal is to help you generate revenue and accounts, which decrease customer acquisition costs dramatically! We also improve lifetime value through constant on-the-air customer advocacy and retention


We connect you with the best marketing opportunities in the varied fields of
Content production and distribution at scale, Online PR, Partnership (analysts and software) marketing, Events (sponsored) engagement and generating customer reviews. Dedicated research on the part of our analysts and consultants catapults you towards success at every touchpoint, both at the first mile as well as last mile.


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Our SaaS expertise

Software as a Service is a highly competitive and sophisticated space. The sector is seen to reach a whopping $623 billion by the year 2023 at a compound annual growth rate of 18%. Different product categories, the sheer size of the industry, leads to a significant amount of noise — and buyer confusion.

To stand out, brands not only need reliable messaging that speaks to what end users are going through, but they also need to ensure that they reach out to the right accounts and the right people.

Growthfluence is a trusted partner to some of the world’s fastest-growing SaaS firms because we understand how marketers make decisions about technology and tools. We offer a unique combination of capabilities to help our marketing technology clients reach and engage with decision-makers who are struggling to wade through the complicated vendor landscape.


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