Employer Branding


Attract, nurture and retain best-fit talent with a robust and authentic employer brand.

Being an employer of choice means being truly aligned to your DNA and your culture. It means not just saying you’re a ‘great place to work’ but being the kind of company that truly believes in what it does and that in turn is a powerful magnet to draw like-minded employees. You can only get there when you discover who you are at your core—why you do what you do—and can communicate and amplify it. That’s what our employer branding process is built for.

How can B2B brands benefit from employer branding:

  1. Lower cost per hire: A excellent employer brand fosters a great work culture and makes your brand more appealing to best-fit candidates. This means that your employees will be willing to refer your organization their professional network, lowering your costs drastically.
  2. Faster time to hire: B2B organizations that invest in employer branding are up to 2x times faster when it comes to filling hiring opportunities. Having an excellent brand means, you’ll be able to spend less time selling and more time closing candidates.
  3. Lower employee turnover: According to LinkedIn, companies that focus on employer branding experience a 28% decrease in staff turnover. This is because the candidates are culturally-fit and vibrant beyond mere competency-fit.
Our offerings

How we help


We help you discover your uniqueness and culture quotient

  • Employee value proposition
  • Employee engagement survey
  • Leadership interviews
  • Market research and analysis
  • Competitor research and analysis
  • Communication audit
  • Voice of customer research and analysis
  • Customer interviews


We help clarify and create playbooks in the following areas

  • Market positioning
  • Employer brand personality
  • Voice and tone
  • Tagline definition
  • Employer brand identity
  • Brand architecture and naming
  • Employer Brand language manual
  • Brand standards


We help in both strategy and creation in the following areas

  • LinkedIn life page setup and training
  • Internal message
  • Marketing strategy and communications plan
  • Marketing materials
  • Marketing messaging
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Glassdoor setup and training

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Our employee branding expertise

Once upon a time, only remuneration and benefits were all that mattered. Today, your employees look for more from their workplace. They seek an emotional connection.

At Growthfluence, we are culture-story architects. We unearth your company’s story to help you attract, nurture and retain from within. Shape your culture. Live your employer brand story. Connect with employees in a way that truly represents you.

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