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MarTech is the amalgamation of technology and marketing. If you are a technology organisation and are using digital marketing, you sure are building a MarTech stack, since digital by its very nature is Technology-Based. The term “MarTech” implies initiatives, efforts and tools that leverage technology to achieve marketing goals.

Today, many B2B organisations are grappling with making the right decisions on marketing technology stacks. The reasons for this are many.

1. Lack of clarity of business objectives
2. Lack of understanding of complex customer journeys
3. Non-alignment across the Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Operations and IT teams.
4. Legacy systems, platforms and diverse tools performing the same role leading to confusion
5. Lack of budget and in some cases a considerable budget leading to the random purchase of every available MarTech stack
6. Lack of competent, skilled and qualified professionals to run these platforms

How having the right MarTech stack can help technology companies?

Most of the time, our notion is that the latest is the best. However, when it comes to MarTech stacks, it does not matter how new or old your app is. If that is your criteria, then you would be changing apps every other day. The key is to have the best strategic insight in using the technology to ensure that all your respective teams and departments, i.e. Finance, Sales, Marketing, Operations etc., are synchronously focused on a common goal or target. Each of the apps should communicate with each other, either indigenously or through reliable validated third-party apps.

Having a well thought out stack offers the benefits of each piece of technology, but it also helps to streamline communications throughout your organisation, this will keep goals aligned and focused.

Benefits of having a

Good MarTech Stack

  • Agility

    In today’s world, one must be able to pivot and leverage at an instant, and this means that one has to ensure that data and exchange of essential information are at your fingertips to make meaningful decisions that could potentially make or break your marketing strategy.

  • Efficiency

    When apps communicate with each other efficiently and seamlessly, there is higher efficiency in your productivity. Each team and department have specific needs and requirements. However, when all these teams are working to a common goal, you will have a well-oiled system.

  • Resiliency

    One has to be technology agnostic to a level by not depending on one single app to do everything. The variety of apps available today means that you are not cornered and removes the factor of redundancy giving you room for scaling operations as and when needed.

  • Revenue

    The age-old saying, ‘time is money’ is true. The better and faster you can execute your tasks, the quicker you will be in the marketplace, giving you an early mover advantage in some cases. Less downtime, higher efficiency always leads to a faster realisation of revenue, the lifeblood of every organisation.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started

our approach

Critical Steps of building a MarTech stack:

  • Audit-your-martech-stack

    Audit your Existing MarTech Stack if you have one

    Every company knowingly or unknowingly has a set of apps they are currently using. It would help if you audited your technologies to understand its functionality. How and where do these apps help you in your broader strategic goals? Many times you will have some apps that are bought but not adopted. Identify these to make critical decisions on retention and adoption or drop the technology in total.

  • Map-buyer-journey

    Marketing strategy – Mapping the buyer journey

    Identify your ideal customer’s buying steps will help you design a stack that will help you achieve this goal along with each step taken. Your strategy will help you understand the resources and processes required to achieve your goal.

  • Organize-data-sets

    Organise existing data sets

    You would have a massive database of existing data collected over time using existing technology. You need to create a robust data management process to help you organise, segment, validate your current data points. Doing this helps you in choosing the right apps for your optimised stack.

  • Organize-content

    Organise existing content

    Every company has content. It has been consciously or unconsciously thrown out into the world. One needs to gather all existing content, classify, segment and analyse the same to ensure that it is relevant and worth keeping. Content is the heart of your marketing system used to engage prospective accounts until sales can convert them into paying customers.

  • Build-your-stack

    Build your stack

    To achieve your goals, one has to choose technologies that are relevant to your system. Ensure that you are not working in silos but rather that each technology integrates and talks with each other so that you can have the necessary support for your buyer journey fulfilled using your marketing automation process.

  • Measure-learn

    Measure, learn and make micro changes

    Nothing implemented is perfect on the first run! Collate data, analyse and then repurpose to ensure that you get the clarity and seamless integration needed to ensure your workflows operate with minimal to no intervention. Ensure that all stakeholders within the organisation are involved in this process. Doing so will help you align the entire company to your larger strategic goal.

Our offerings

How we help


We help organisations like yours discover enterprise accounts which are the absolute best fit for your product. We provide personalised strategy play-books that are both data-driven and content-mapped for these accounts. The play-books include tips for identifying the best-fit MarTech stack, implementing account-based marketing at scale, plans for thought leadership positioning, Content Marketing at Scale and more.


We assist with the adaptation of account-based marketing to your specific needs, in a way that unifies the vision of the marketing and sales teams. Our goal is to help you generate revenue and accounts, which decrease customer acquisition costs dramatically! We also improve lifetime value through constant on-the-air customer advocacy and retention programs.


We connect you with the best marketing opportunities in the varied fields of Content production and distribution at scale, Online PR, Partnership (analysts and software) marketing, Events (sponsored) engagement and generating customer reviews. Dedicated research on the part of our analysts and consultants catapults you towards success at every touchpoint, both at the first mile as well as last mile.


Stop wasting time and money on marketing. Let’s get started


Our Martech Stack expertise

Martech stack fit is a mindset — a belief that technology agility is a matter of winning and losing. For many, martech transformations are lagging as firms hang onto old and non-productive tools. Meanwhile, digital natives and transformed traditional players raise the bar and increase speed. Growthfluence can work with you to help identify your “best-fit” ABM and beyond ABM tools. Design a martech transformation strategy that future-proof — aligned to what your customers want.

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