Thought Leadership


“Thought leadership” is inferred by many B2B organizations to be a relatively new and next big thing, due to its abuse and non-contextual usage in the last decade. 1994 was a pivotal year for ‘Thought leadership’ as it was mentioned and popularized for the first time by Joel Kurtzman, editor of Strategy+Business magazine. 

However, on tracing back to the pages of history, an interesting article in the Language Log points references as far back as the 19th century.

A research conducted by LinkedIn shows it to be nearly a prerequisite for Request for Proposal (RFP) in B2B organizations, with 42% of CEOs saying that following a company’s thought leadership led them to engage with a prospective vendor and invited them to bid for the business.

We help B2B technology organizations discover, define and amplify the following:

  1. What’s your unique core insight and approach for solving a problem?
  2. Whose problems are you solving and why? (Ideal customer profile)
  3. What big questions are your ideal customers asking, and what’s your response?
  4. What leverage qualifies you to be the industry thought leader?
  5. What specific areas can help your top executives be perceived individually as thought leaders?
  6. What forms of content amplify your unique value proposition?
  7. What’s the distribution strategy to reach your total addressable market?
  8. What deeper forms of data point to critical success stories of your applied thought leadership?
  9. What’s your global authority index?
  10. What global publications are we publishing our unique core insight?

We help you explore these questions in a series of design sprints. That leads to a bright and well defined long-term strategy helping you establish as a thought leader by improving your trust and authority index.

Here are the top benefits of

Thought Leadership

  • Awareness

    Thought leadership helps you get right in front of the decision-makers and c-suite executives. More than often 70 to 80% of first mile conversations for a big-value deal don’t move past influencers. Thought Leadership helps you gain secret access to the key stakeholders.

  • Authority

    Thought leadership has a unique element – your differentiated core insight that’s highly relevant and resonant; this, in turn, increase admiration and respect. You gain an edge over your competition with both trust and authority.

  • Consideration

    Thought leadership helps you generate a request for proposal opportunities thrice that other vendors. More than often thought leaders can sell with value and not price and that value is justified with the ‘Thought Leadership status.’

our approach

How we help B2B organisations like yours.

  • Design Sprints

    It’s a three-day onsite process with key multi-disciplinary stakeholders for answering all the critical questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with each other.

  • Thought Leadership Workshops

    We run workshops on multiple significant themes including – core insight discovery, leveraging LinkedIn for thought leadership, ideal customer profiling and other topics.

  • Authority Indexing

    We survey your present customers, prospects and the total addressable market as a third-party ranking agency to discover your authority index. These surveys usually have seven to sixteen parameters.


Our Thought Leadership consulting experience

We research, create and distribute original, relevant and resonating content to a worldwide audience of corporate executives who are both decision-makers and influencers. We work with our clients to develop cutting-edge content marketing campaigns that allow them to reach, inspire and engage their target audiences.

Thought Leadership Sprints
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