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92% of marketers say their organization sees content as a critical business asset: Raise Awareness, Build Relationships, and Drive Leads with best-fit content. We help B2B marketers generate better content for their target audience by working together as a co-partner marketing team. We help break down marketing silos and work better together. Growthfluence provides the custom audience or accounts specific insights necessary to plan and execute stronger integrated campaigns efficiently. We provide intelligence at every step of the content production and distribution process to drive the business results you demand. This way, you can focus on what you do best – sharing remarkable stories about your product or service.

Our Research shows the

Top Challenges B2B marketers face when it comes to content generation are:

  • Limited-Resources

    Limited Resources

  • Producing-Quality-Content

    Producing Quality Content

  • Generating-content-at-scale

    Generating content at scale

  • Distributing-at-scale

    Distributing at scale

  • Personalization-at-level

    Personalization at level

  • Measuring-ROI

    Measuring ROI

our approach

What we do

  • Strategy Content Advisory

    We run strategy sessions with your marketing and sales teams to create content calendars that are mapped to ideal customer profiles and also run tactical sessions on best practices and how to generate specific copy for the content. We also provide roadmaps for creating and distributing content at scale across platforms and channels.

  • Custom joint surveys and research

    We help B2B organizations run global studies specifically targetted towards producing reports, snapshots, whitepapers and case studies. Our data analysts will consult and create a survey and production plan with the right sample size to help your audience see the value of your organization.

  • ‘Done for you’ Services

    We lift the burden from your marketing and sales team to produce content. We understand how challenging it is to deliver all forms of content for varied channels and diverse audience. Our best-in-class content production and distribution teams can help execute content marketing right from account-based marketing to social media marketing.


Our Content Marketing expertise

Content fuels every conversation in the marketing channels from recurring resources blogs to the middle of the funnel content – case studies, data reports and white papers. When content bridges the needs of your audiences, it’s the ultimate driver of business success.

At Growthfluence, our consultants and producers are experts at identifying opportunities to generate results through relevant and resonant content. We know how to create editorial content that will showcase your core insight, amplify your authority, improve your search rankings, increase your web traffic, drive social shares and generate demand. We develop messaging that aligns with your brand and resonates with your most important audiences in your accounts.

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