The B2B technology Account Based Marketing practitioner checklist

B2B Technology Account Based Marketing (ABM) Checklist

Marketing solutions for the Account-Based Marketing Industry

Account-Based Marketing has been a buzz word and B2B default jargon lately, and 2020 is the year we’ll start to see a lot more B2B marketers executing on this critical trend. However, there is a lot of noise that’s most often thundering from non-practitioners (ones who have never run an ABM program at scale)

Before you can execute a full-scale ABM program at your technology organization, you’ll need a plan to identify, market and measure your target account list – the companies with the most potential to your business. 

This checklist will help you learn how to plan, build and execute a full-scale ABM program in nine-steps. Over to you.

What’s inside the checklist:

Discover how the elements of the best-fit ABM program can help you to market to the target segments, and genuinely engage your prospects in the right place. Learn what’s crucial to make the ABM program successful and get the most recent practical insight, while you benchmark including:
  1. Creating an ideal account profile for the selection
  2. Gaining account insights and contact data
  3. Creating meta content at scale for the accounts
  4. Building and aligning the whole ABM team
  5. Building your ABM martech stack
  6. Running your ABM plays for your accounts
  7. Building on-ramp, dipstick sales conversations
  8. Measuring ABM plays performance
  9. Investing on whats working else learning to pivot



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